Let's Call It onformative

visualization of Skype communication


A culmination of Skype conversations and files sent back and forth from 2008 to December 31st, 2010 visualized in data graphics.

For the first anniversary of onformative, co-founders Julia and Cedric designed a poster that visualizes their Skype correspondence over the course of three years. They first met via Skype on 08.08.2008 and since then have been sharing virtually everything the same way. From the development of their book Generative Gestaltung to their first projects as a team, to the establishment of the studio and even the creation of this poster.

They love Skype and data graphics so it was a logical choice to design a data graphic of their communication. Every conversation and file sent as of their first meeting in 2008 to their last conversation on New Year’s Eve 2010 is visualized in the data graphics. In summary, they wrote a total of 62,676 messages consisting of 2,531,434 characters over three years.


  • Collaboration with: Tobias Nusser
  • Production & Art Direction: Julia Laub
  • Design: Tobias Nusser
  • Code: Cedric Kiefer


  • GeoCity, CMoDA Museum of Digital Arts, Beijing 2012
  • InForm, Adobe Museum of Digital Media 2011