Samsung Sero

reactive & adaptive content

Fresh perspectives on the integration of content and screen: For Samsung’s »The Sero«, design and development expertise pour into a playful TV experience.

Samsung’s »The Sero« TV innovates with a rotation feature that dynamically adapts to vertical and horizontal content. Combined with a high-quality sound system, the flexible technology enhances a seamless and immersive display of everything from traditional movies and series to social media clips.

The special rotation feature asks for adaptive integrated content that adjusts accordingly to showcase the next-level user experience.

onformative merged their design and technological expertise to visually and technically equip the versatile product bringing it to life with accompanying content. By developing and implementing the Samsung »Music Wall« feature to the TV and creating the signature visual content for the device, onformative was significantly involved in realizing the distinctive characteristics of this new device together with the Samsung UX/UI and development team.

To best emphasize the unique features of »The Sero«, onformative embarked on a visual exploration, diving into a world of bold colors, geometric shapes, and dynamic movements that respond to sound and music, crafting its visual essence. Combining a distinct range of styles and concepts, each designed for different occasions, the broad spectrum of content is unified in its graphical boldness. With its high responsiveness to the music played, the reactive collection brings »The Sero« to life by taking the user experience to another dimension.

Building on the extensive visual exploration, onformative developed 24 unique modes for the Samsung »Music Wall«, each with its own style and reaction to music genres. The diverse collection offers everything from calming waves for slow-tempo ballads to dynamic, energetic patterns for more upbeat tracks. The implementation of Samsung’s AI for genre selection further refines the experience, ensuring that the visuals are perfectly matched to the music, making every listening session personalized and engaging.

To highlight the device's digital and physical presence, onformative crafted a unique visual identity for »The Sero«, blending light, glass, and vibrant colors.

The »Light Ring«, as the visual signature content, embodies the innovative approach to integrating digital art with technology.

The development of the »Light Ring«, as the signature content was marked by an extensive visual exploration. To balance aesthetics and functionality, onformative played with a mixture of materials and sculptural set ups, aiming to create an iconic visual that reacts to music by subtly changing the intensity of the light and colors in sync with the beat. The result is a visually stunning feature that adds a layer of depth to the music listening experience, making »The Sero« more than a device for media consumption. It transforms it into a piece of interactive art that responds to its environment.


Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Art Direction: Bernd Marbach, Julio Clavijo, Manolo Gamboa Naon, Henryk Wollik, Ricardo López Cabañero
Technical Direction: Henryk Wollik
Code: Henryk Wollik, Joao da Fonseca