Samsung Ambient

digital real-time art

Tender nature elements, smooth movements and selected materials expressed in a coherent visual language, yet individually speaking for themselves: With the Ambient Mode Samsung started to bring digital art into the living room.

onformative was commissioned to create exclusive digital artworks as aesthetic content for a new generation of TVs. By displaying weather, news or art, the TV turns into more than a screen, innovating the usage of the device. With its minimalistic design it integrates into the atmosphere, enhancing the ambience.

In close collaboration with the Samsung UX/UI Design team we developed a holistic concept to create exclusive art content for the intelligent display. Based on an extensive visual exploration, of which we are presenting excerpts together with the final art pieces in this documentation, this project is diverse in its creativity, while unified in a fine visual language.

By recognizing the respective background the TV is able to simulate transparency and to adapt the data-driven content accordingly to seamlessly blend with the environment.

Several themes were both aesthetically and technically interpreted to create a variety of visuals and open a new world of digital art, adaptable for individual settings. With their great variety they still share an overall visual language, which holistically reflects an aspiration for discreet, yet atmospheric content.

From geometric shapes playfully combined with aesthetic surfaces, nature elements in soothing colours to atmospheric materials touched in elegant light ⎼ the collection offers a wide range to meet a variety of lifestyles and tastes. Inspired by nature and its laws, the concepts pick up themes like gravity and materials like sand or glass.

Nature inspired motifs like leaves and petals are interpreted and abstracted in aesthetic ways with ingenious colour concepts. The antecedent extensive research opened new perspectives and a variety of combinations to choose from, which allowed us to as an important base to develop the creative structure.

The extensive visual exploration was key to achieving the desired variation and balance of light, colours and atmosphere.

To create especially atmospheric content for the Ambient collection, we experimented with contrasting yet authentic representations of motifs found in nature to effortlessly enter the living room.

By reacting to live data the artworks elegantly combine information with art and turn the TV into an ambient information display.

Based on the time of the day and the respective location, the artworks are constantly changing reacting to weather data like temperature, position of the sun or wind-speed. This data driven real-time approach uniquely adds authenticity and depth to the overall concept.

Fluent, colorful silhouettes slowly moving behind a refracting glass wall, representing an abstract view of the outside world.


Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Art Direction: Bernd Marbach, Julio Clavijo
Production: Aurelien Krieger
Technical Direction: Henryk Wollik
Code: Henryk Wollik, Ryan Alexander, Margin Ignac