OnePlus 7 – Beyond speed

live wallpaper


The hero image and live wallpapers for the OnePlus 7 series are inspired by crashing waves, painterly clouds and infused with charismatic, pure colours.

In close collaboration with the OnePlus design team, we developed the visual concept and code for ten individual live wallpapers. To showcase the fluent speed and excellent quality of the borderless screen of the OnePlus 7 was one of the main goals, which we interpreted with a dynamic design and a fluid function. Encouraging authentic user experiences, the wallpapers are based on an interactive concept. Driven by the user’s input, the visuals smoothly react to swipes and activity.

Refining the concept and design for the OnePlus 7T: To achieve a rather evolutionary development of the look with a close visual connection to the original OnePlus 7 design and to further guarantee the possibility of a code-based design, we applied the same technical setup as in the original wallpaper design for the OnePlus 7. By developing additional interaction possibilities, we enhanced the seamless experience of a reactive and dynamic real-time wallpaper.

Integrating the smooth functionality of the OnePlus 7 and 7T, the visual concept creates a unique user experience with an appealing aesthetic.


Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Production: Tobias Ziegler
Code: João Fonseca
Technical Direction: Henryk Wollik