Klarna Data Wall

real-time data visualization


Visualizing their worldwide business activity in real-time, the data wall is the centerpiece of the new headquarters of Stockholm-based payment company Klarna.

In 2014 Klarna, a leading online payment company from Sweden, approached onformative with the request to develop a real-time data visualization for the lobby of their new headquarters. Based in the center of Stockholm, Klarna currently offers online payment services in 15 countries with over a hundred thousand transactions per day. By analyzing this huge data set, we developed a narrative that visualizes the transactions from a variety of perspectives. Focusing on different aspects such as what, when, where and who, the data wall fluidly transforms into different visualizations.

Instead of hiding the characteristics of the 4×4 screen-based media wall, the grid structure became an integral part of the layout used in the design of the various graphs. These represent the volume of transactions sorted by categories and subcategories, the transactions per day, the number of sales by different countries and cities, and the types of purchases made, based on the customer demographics. The data behind these visualizations is continually updated, thereby becoming a real-time representation of Klarna’s business activity.


  • Commissioned by: Klarna
  • Production: Julia Laub
  • Creative Direction Klarna: Max Larsson von Reybekiel
  • Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
  • Art Direction: Strichpunkt Berlin
  • Data Analysis: Christopher Warnow
  • Code: Aristides Garcia


  • Design Next Generation – Deutscher Designer Club 2016
  • if award 2016
  • ADC Award 2015
  • Red Dot Design Award 2015