Fragments of RGB

exploration of human perception


An exploration of human perception through engagement, distortion and dissolution, »Fragments of RGB« illustrates the sensitive interaction between person and image. This unique approach to consciousness encourages the viewer to question perceived materialities.

As an awareness of reality is subject to the individual, »Fragments of RGB« is an experiment in the deformation of this phenomenon through interaction and projected light points. As the viewer approaches an illusionary screen, the content changes to alter and dissolve the perceived reality.

»Fragments of RGB« experiments with perception and illusion on various levels. The classic LED screen as a medium was simulated and subsequently disintegrated by creating a pixel-like optic using simple projection rather than generating the entire image from individual light points.

Through an interest in re-projecting the personal view of the observer, the installation reacted to and changed with the movement and perspective of the viewer. The illusion of an LED screen was destroyed and the RGB elements dissolved to form new, translated images as a transformed reality. As the installation illustrates the sensitive interaction between person and image, »Fragments of RGB« is also intended as a photographic series in which the transformations that occurred on the display were consciously recorded thereby intensifying the effect of alienation in the process.


  • Production: Julia Laub
  • Art Direction: Cedric Kiefer
  • Code: Cedric Kiefer


  • McLuhan100 Festival, Toronto 2011