Julia Laub
co-founder / managing director


As the co-founder and managing director of onformative, Julia directs the strategic planning and operations of the studio. Her studies in information and media design at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, led her to co-write and design the book Generative Gestaltung (English version titled Generative Design) in 2009. Her editorial design background and the publication have since fostered her interest in the process of generative design. At onformative, her creative work is coupled with the process of production as she guides the studio to meet its artistic goals. She produces and coordinates the projects of the studio with her knowledge and expertise whether they be commissions or self-initiated works.

Julia presents talks at universities and conferences on generative design and has taught at the Technical College in Mainz. She continues to earn recognition for her work and has a sustained interest in interdisciplinary collaborations.