Porsche BlackBox

online visualization of driving experience


Particles and fragments of light slip by in a stream of time and space to portray the compelling experience of driving. »Porsche BlackBox« reimagines this connection by visualizing racing data as ephemeral imagery and generative animation in real-time.

This work uses original recorded racing data and reports to create a soundscape and abstract visualization of a car through lines and subtle silhouettes. Datasets originate from the Porsche GTS community, collecting recorded tracks from all over the world. These datasets define the dramaturgy of the conceptual scenes to recreate the most dynamic moments of the user’s experience as an interactive webGL visualization.

Visit the online demo of the Porsche BlackBox Experience

The generated imagery and animation for »Porsche BlackBox« becomes a method of measuring and re-experiencing the GTS moments of a particular track. As sections of the road become more energetic for the driver, the outline of the car appears clearer through the lines and particles. Time slows down at peaks defined by the recordings, to stretch out and re-live the most intense encounters, as a 360 degree view of the Porsche 911 becomes visible. Supported by an adaptive soundscape, tones fluctuate to reflect the varying energy and emotions of the trip. The participation in and documentation of travel allows for users to draw out their collective experiences.


  • Client: Porsche
  • Commissioned by: Passion Communications
  • Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
  • Design: Mick van Olst
  • Code & Development: Henryk Wollik
  • Sound Design: Audionerve


  • Cutting Edge Project of the Week 2016
  • FWA Site of the day, Adobe Cutting Edge Award 2016